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What our patients say ...

I have suffered with chronic plantar fasciitis for over 8 years. Tried everything; custom orthodics, stretching, exercises, cortizone shots, shock therapy, massage, physio therapy, accupuncture, etc. Nothing worked to take away the feeling of walking on broken glass. I gained 50 lbs due to not being able to exercise or even walk any significant distance. One day I decided to Google "new treatments for plantar fasciitis" and low and behold the new Tenex treatment popped up. After a little bit of research I was beside myself in excitement! I came to the conclusion that even if this procedure didn't work, it certainly wouldn't make things any worse and as I wasn't living life the way I wanted to, I felt it was worth a try. I made the call and spoke to Kirstin. Gave her some history and booked a consult. Because I was travelling from Canada I was told that if I was a candidate they would operate immediately after the consult so as to save me a second trip to the U.S. My experience from start to finish, was as positive as it could be. Everyone I spoke to from booking to billing and everything in between was pleasant, extremely friendly and helpful. Just before the surgery started Dr Budler asked me what kind of music I liked to listen to and I told him "country". He found a country station and we started. Although the freezing of my heel wasn't very pleasant, it was over in a few seconds and I lay there comfortably while Dr Budler worked his magic. Wth-in about a half hour I was sitting up with the girls strapping a walking boot on me.

I'm finding it difficult to hold back and not over do it. When you've lived with pain for so long and then all of a sudden its gone, a feeling of pure giddiness comes over you. I wish I could speed up time about 4 weeks because I know I'm going to be out living my life the way I did 9 years ago, hiking, riding horses, power walking etc. I can't thank Dr Budler , Kirstin, Kelsey, Trish, Andrea, and the rest of the radiology staff enough for all that you did for me. I wish you all the very best and I appreciate so much how well you took care of me.

Rose Rhine
Drayton Valley
Alberta, Canada